Co-founded by internationally known neuroscientists and tech entrepreneurs. Our research and development is conducted by leading-edge cognitive neuroscientists, clinicians, and designers.


We are making evidence-based products personalized to the user.


Our platform is creating novel ways of improving attentional control that impact anyone struggling with distractions, focus, and related stress and anxiety. NIMH-funded clinical trial testing of our mobile software suite has shown significant improvement in objective tests of attention and most importantly, improvement in a real-life activity – reading comprehension.


NIMH-Funded clinical trial testing of our new EEG measures shows they are sensitive to abilities to sustain attention and to sustain ignoring of distractions. This new attention assessment and tracking tool has gone on to a Phase II trial funded by NIMH.


We cannot provide details about the products because we are currently running blinded clinical trials at UCLA, UCB & OHSU, funded by the National Institute of Mental Health.

We will provide updates when we have completed the studies.

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